12 x 50 Binoculars For Adults kids
12 x 50 Binoculars For Adults kids, Bfull Compact Binocular Folding Durable Binoculars (Black) +Carrying case+Strap
Bullet Point

1.Special:this binoculars can be used with tripod,it is very convenient when you watch something for a long time. and this binoculars can be adjusted with Central focus wheel and it also can focus on the different distance with right eyepiece ring.

2.This binoculars can be for birding watching, trip, football basketball or any Sports competition,concert. and it is also a best gift for adults, kids, chindren.

3.Customer service: because the data for binoculars is a estimated value, we can not provide the excat data. so if you have any problem about the binoculars, please send the messge to me, we will provide the Lifetime service for the refund or exchange.we will give you the best service to help you solve the problem.

4.When you use this binoculars, the Vision is broad and it is very clear for the gain of binoculars. the binoculars is very easy to operate.

5.This binoculars is easy to focus on the goal, and The picture that the binoculars display is very clear. and it is waterproof. it has a Strap and a bag, this binoculars is very convenient to bring.

Product Description

Give you the best experience and bring the world closer. 

Enjoy a detailed view with"Bfull"12 x 50 binocular, with a magnification 12x this binocular can bring subject 12 times closer, with the object lens diameter 50mm, it allows more light to come through, and it is more clear for the details even if it is at low light condition. Another way multi layer-coated a spherical lenses elements for light reflection and minimal distortion is better for image brightness, contrast and quality. it has a large field of view so it is very good for watching fast-moving things. and it is with a rugged exterior and come with carrying case and strap to make it easy for carrying.


1.Always store your binocular in its case when not in use.

2.When wiping the lens,use a soft lint-less cloth.

3.To remove any remaining dirt or smudges.Add one or two drops of isotropic alcohol to the cloth.

4.Store your binocular in a moisture-free area even if it is waterproof.

5.please don't use it to see the sun directly , it will be harm to your eyes.

6.if you have any problem about this ,please contact with us. We will help you solve all the problem.

Fit for girts , hunting, hiking, exploring, viewing, sailing, bird watching, outdoor sports etc.

if you want to give you kids gifts for Birthday ,Christmas, Thanksgiving day ,new year and so on, you won't miss this Binoculars.
If you are a outdoor activities enthusiasts, you won't miss this Binoculars.
If you are a hunter and prepare to hunting, you won't miss this Binoculars
If you want to have a best vision when you go to see any kinds of ball game, you won't miss this Binoculars
If you like watching bird and watching wild animals in a long distance ,you won't miss this Binoculars
If you want to feel face to face to see your idol in his or her concert ,you won't miss this Binoculars
It is suitable for both adults and kids. When you are go hiking with your family or your friends, carry it.

How to use the binoculars to see something more clear. 
Adjust the central Wheel to adjust the level of clear to make sure your goal
gently turn the eyepiece blindfold to make your goal more clearer until getting the best clear level.
(adjust two binoculars lens, they also can get the different result, it is very useful for you to use it in any situation)


Product description:
20mm diameter eyepieces, more comfortable.
Compatible with tripod
Fully adjustable to adults alike
Clear vision
Ideal magnification 12 x 50
Great distance range
Amazing mate design, with grip areas for an easy hold

Model: 12 x 50
obj.lens dia. : 50mm
type of prism : BK7
lens coating : MC
focus system: Cent.
focus lens: Eye.
exit pupil diameter: 5
exit pupil dist : 12
fields of view: 8.2°, 286 ft/ 3281 ft (87M/1,000M)
relative brightness: 25
twilight index : 17.9
resolution: ≤ 7.5"
dioptre system : Right eyepiece
Dioptre comp: ± 4
interpupillary dist : 56mm~74mm
unit weight : 1.76 lb


1 * binoculars
1 * Pouch
1 * Strap
1 * Cleaning cloth
4 * lens caps
1 * instruction

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